Where is the Jail located?

  • The Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail is located in Pattonsburg, MO just off of Interstate 35.
    • From Kansas City – Go north on Interstate 35 to exit 78. Turn left on “C” highway. The entrance is on 4th Street. It is marked by a sign.
    • From Des Moines – Go south on Interstate 35 to exit 78. Turn right on “C” Highway. Entrance is on 4th Street.

What is the mailing address and phone number for the Jail?

  • Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail
    102 N. Meadows Lane
    Pattonsburg, MO 64670

How do I set up a visit with a prisoner?

  • The Jail is equipped with a fully functional, non-contact visiting room for friends and family to visit a prisoner.  You need to call 24 hours in advance, Monday through Friday, 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm to select a time for your visit.
  • Video visits are also available. The family can schedule a visit by going to www.inmatecanteen.com .


Does the Jail have telephones for prisoners to use?

  • All prisoners have access to a phone. Prisoners are only allowed to make outgoing collect calls unless they purchase a calling card from the commissary.  Phone time may also be purchased by family through www.inmatecanteen.com


Can I give a message to a prisoner?

  • Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail staff does not pass information to the prisoners. However, we do understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise that may prompt a special interest. These situations may include, but not limited to, emergency family issues, legal issues, or personal issues. These issues must be verified. Information and a call back number will be taken from the caller. Once verified the prisoner will receive the number for call back purposes.


What is the telephone numbers to the Sheriff’s offices?

  • The numbers are;
    • Daviess County                 1-660-663-2031
    • DeKalb County                  1-816.449-5802
    • Livingston County             1-816-646-0515


How can I get money put on a prisoner’s account?

  • Money can be brought to the Jail or mailed into the facility. Be sure to include the name and date of birth of the prisoner to avoid any confusion with prisoners with the same name. The Jail is not equipped to have money wired to the Jail. All money sent in should be in the form of a money order. Two-party checks will not be accepted. Money can also be put on a prisoner’s account with a credit card at the Jail or by going to www.inmatecanteen.com .


Is the Jail equipped with medical services?

  • The Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail is supplied with Nursing Staff (L.P.N.s) 7 days a week.  A facility doctor comes in once a week, and an on-call doctor is utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The jail has a pharmacy that sends medication in by the bubble pack and utilizes a local pharmacy to access medication when the need arises. Self-pay dental services are available for emergency extractions when required.


What items can be mailed into the facility?

  • Allowable items are;
    • Photos 4×6 maximum size, Maximum of 10 (no nudity, alcohol or gang signs)
    • Plain Wedding band (no stones)
    • Money (money order only, no Cash)
    • Prescription glasses
    • Any extra property will be placed in the prisoner’s property.
    • 2 soft-backed books mailed directly from distributor.
    • 1 soft-back Bible.


Can I send prescription medications in for a prisoner?

  • Medications can be sent in or dropped off at the facility as long as the prescription is unopened (seal has not been broken or tampered with), is current and valid to that particular prisoner. The facility physician must approve all narcotic prescriptions.


Does the Jail offer meal substitutions for prisoners with food allergies?

  • The Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail does offer meal substitutions for those with food allergies. However, all allergies have to be documented by a physician. Once documented, the Jail will make arrangements for substitutions.


Can I inquire about a prisoner’s court date?

  • Court dates and times will not be given out by the Jail. The Jail will direct the caller to contact the county of interest for dates and times.


Will letters and packages sent in to the Jail be forwarded or returned to sender?

  • All letters and packages sent to a prisoner not at Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail will be returned to sender.


Does the Jail have a Commissary/Canteen for prisoners?

  • The Jail has a fully functional commissary department that the prisoners can utilize that is considered a “want” not a “need”.


When they get released can they call for a ride?

  • All prisoners being released from the facility will receive phone calls to make arrangements for pickup or when possible they will be given rides by staff to the nearest destination of their next pickup.