100_1616Jail administrator Edmon Howard Jr. was hired by the Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail District Board in March of 2016. With almost 30 years’ experience in corrections, Mr. Howard was given the responsibility to oversee the daily operations of the Jail. Mr. Howard started his career as a police officer for the town of Pattonsburg, Missouri and then transferred to the State of Missouri Department of Corrections. After 22+ years with the State, he was hired by Mr. Gray and placed in the position of Assistant Administrator of the Jail. Some of Mr. Howard’s responsibilities are to review policy and procedures and make recommendations and changes as necessary, ensure that staff receive the necessary training and equipment to maintain security at the highest level possible and to oversee the hiring of jail personnel and payroll for the staff.

The additional duties of Jail Administrator are to ensure there is adequate and safe transportation for prisoners to and from the jail and courts. He also ensures that prisoners are supplied nutritious meals and access to medical. Mr. Howard also ensures there is adequate maintenance of the jail and vehicles, custody of the prisoners, and the Administration offices.

Mr. Howard’s goal is to provide service to all jurisdictions housing their prisoners within the facility. This will enable smaller departments to keep their officers in the community to protect and serve their citizens.

Mr. Howard, like his predecessor, also believes that mutual respect and communication with the prisoner’s family helps in creating a safer environment for the prisoner and the community. He is willing to visit with the family to answer any and all concerns they may have.

The Administration staff consists of:
(1) Jail Administrator
(1) Jail Assistant Administrator
(1) Administrative Assistant
(2) On-Site L.P.N.
(1) Commissary Department Head
(1) Maintenance Department Head

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