Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail’s food servicesDaviess/DeKalb Regional Jail’s food servicesOne of the Jail Director’s responsibilities is to ensure the detainees are offered a nutritious meal. To accomplish this, the Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail sub-contracts the preparation of the meals. Currently CBM Managed Services prepares meals on site to help keep the costs down. The cost per meal is based on population of the jail and is currently $6.80 per detainee per day. CBM provides a 2400 to 2500 calorie diet to the prisoners housed at the facility.Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail’s food services

Contact information for CBM is:
CBM Managed Services
500 East 52nd Street North
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
605-335-0825 Phone
605-977-1836 Fax